Disturbing Poison or Delicious Potion

In the 1970’s, Alan Alda, known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce, called it poison. It has caused boys to be labeled as inferior to girls in school performance. It’s what motivates the men in your life to convert driving to the grocery store into the Indy 500. It causes your husband to shoot rubber-bands across the room at your rear-end while you unload the dishwasher. It makes The Three Stooges funny and that violent blood bath of a movie worthy of watching again and again.

It’s what gives them broad backs and bulging muscles and as Blanche Devereaux would say, thighs that could crack walnuts. It is what makes him want to protect you, provide for you and conquer the world for you. Finally, it is why he looks at you with desire in his eyes even with your bed-head and morning breath.

What is this magical substance? This liquid gold coursing through his body is testosterone. It is what makes him a man. No more rolling your eyes when he does that thing. He is a man to be celebrated for being a man.


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