How Dare You Find Me Attractive and Sweet!

I grew up during the 1960’s and 1970’s. I was trained to believe that receiving admiration for being pretty and kind demeaned me. It somehow reduced me to an ineffective, weak human being. I always wanted to succeed in the business world. As a young girl, I didn’t play house, I played office. I did end up climbing the corporate ladder which was a great experience but it wasn’t until much later that God would show me what real success looks like.

After completing a long study on biblical femininity, God began to show me how I had been competing with the men in my life instead of complimenting them. I was struggling for the power by trying to take on masculine characteristics. I was fighting for power that was never meant to be mine. I did not realize that I already possessed a power far greater than the one that I fought for. It was my femininity. I’m not advocating using sexuality as power. The real power that a woman has is in all of the characteristics that make her different from a man. She is soft and curvy not hard and angular. She smells sweet and her hair is silky. Her speech and laughter is soft and gentle. She is agreeable, compassionate, encouraging and pleasant. When a feminine woman enters a room, she adds a very special dynamic. Ask any masculine man and I believe that he will tell you, that a feminine woman is powerful.

Remember, God says things like: “But Rachel was beautiful of form and face”, “And the woman was intelligent and beautiful”. In two verses in Proverbs, He tells us that it is better to live on the roof or in the desert than in a house with a contentious woman.

God has shown me that I truly succeed and I am fulfilled when I live out His plan in my life. He created me to be a woman. Now, I am embracing this and I am experiencing peace and joy which surpasses human understanding.


3 thoughts on “How Dare You Find Me Attractive and Sweet!

  1. Yes, there’s been a ton of misinformation about this issue, and it has really messed up a lot of people’s focus.

    The one thing I’d add is that not all women are soft and curvy. (I am, but I know not all are. 😉 ) In fact some women are hard and angular. Some have no curves at all. Some have “too much” curve, and are receive the message that how their built isn’t quite okay, either.
    There are pretty faces, some not.
    I’m not sure how much actual progress can be made if outward appearances are the main measurement.

    Succeeding in the business world should be ranked as an achievement just like any other. Solomon says, whatever you put your hand to do, do with all your might. There is nothing wrong with that.

    We shouldn’t be competing with others; men or women. That stick thin woman should let comparison with her overly-luscious neighbor be the center of her focus, or the same curvy girl wish with longing that she had a boyish figure instead.

    Competition is never the answer. With anyone.

    And yes, there is power in self discipline to ignore perceived pressures and focus only on the path you are called to walk, back straight, head high. Because our only worth can be found solely in the price that was paid, and the Master who paid it.

    This pin on Pinterest pretty much sums up how I wish everybody tried to be!!!

    Again, it targets women, but this applies to every individual, each wildly different man, each wildly different woman. We should all be striving to be “so disciplined we can be free”. 🙂

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