Helpmate, Smelpmate!

In my last blog, we took flight as a dragonfly skimming the surface of the waters called biblical femininity. This time, we will dive in and go just below the surface.

Why do I have to be the helper? Why does he get to be the leader, the mover, the shaker? Why does he get to slay all of the dragons? Wife and mother, have you ever felt this way? I know that I certainly have!

To answer the why, simply put, because God says so. Ouch. That’s a bit blunt isn’t it? I write this as a woman who has been there. I have fought this battle for over half of my life. I’m a helpmate? It seemed that I was a created “after thought”. Finally, I began to see that my own stubbornness was doing damage to my own life, marriage and children. When I realized that I was the one standing in God’s way of producing a leader in my husband, a future leader in my little boy and a godly woman, who wouldn’t damage her own household, in my little girl, well, it was a real wake up call. That’s a lot to be held accountable for and frankly, I just don’t think that I could explain my way out of that one. God has humbled me and I share this information, because I believe that it could help save a marriage and a legacy. You see, a helpmate completes the other person. A helpmate makes them even better.
Much of the disintegration of the family, as we see it today, is a direct result of men and women not following God’s plan for living out our gender attributes. My hope for any woman reading this is that she will not continue living life, without examining, whether or not she is living out biblical femininity. My hope for the men is that you will pray for your woman and be patient. Most of us have lived the majority of our lives in a Women’s Liberation Movement society, and it is our personal norm. The good news is, God can correct this when we are willing to let Him change our hearts.


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