If the Barn Door Needs Painting

Ephesians says “husbands love your wives” but, is that where it ends? Well, yes. It doesn’t say husbands love your wife if she is pretty or pleasant or makes you a nice dinner but as the saying goes “we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way”. In other words, wouldn’t it be nice if our husbands found us loveable?

When we were in the romancing phase of our relationship, we spent time and effort making ourselves soft, pretty and sweet smelling. We also made sure to be light and fun. We didn’t nag – no we were gentle, understanding and accommodating. What happened? Well, we no longer have to seek what we already have.

I realize that children come and we are drained of our vitality. Food calls our name and 20, 30, 50 or more pounds later, our weight seems too overwhelming to do anything about it. Just buy a bigger pair of pants and store the “skinny” pants away for someday. It just takes too much energy to look better. But wherever you are with your weight, you can be a more attractive you. First of all, cultivate your inner beauty with a thankful, contented and gentle heart. When working on your outer beauty, try to remember that men are not nearly as hard on us as we are on ourselves. Men love women because we are so different from them. We are softer, curvier, smooth and smell inviting.

Don’t despair. You won’t need an entire year of beauty treatments like Esther. Start small. If your husband is a foot man, make sure that your feet look pretty and wear shoes that show off that perfect pedicure. If he’s a butt man, wear jeans that make your booty look amazing. If you remember him telling you that he loved your eyes or lips, play them up. If he loved your perfume when you were dating, get a bottle and dab some on. You might want to be prepared for the reaction. Wink.

With some effort, you are going to feel more confident and beautiful and that is sexy and loveable.


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