Knock Yourself Out

Several years ago, I began the task of raising a teenage girl. We were venturing off into the thick forest of shopping for clothes that fit her style and not mine. Coincidentally, our church was doing a study on modesty. This should be very helpful, I thought. The study leaders were even going to have a Q&A panel. I went to the meeting with my notebook and sharpened pencils, excited that I would now have the information that I needed to guide my young daughter down this path. I found my seat, looked up at the stage where I saw five women dressed each in their own version of baggy turtleneck, jumper and sensible shoes.

We were instructed for two hours on women not wearing pants to church or wearing anything with a V-neck because it drew the eye down there or wearing a skirt or dress with a vent because it drew the eye up there. Oh, I guess I’ll just waddle since my skirt doesn’t allow me to take a full step. Here is the kicker, the cherry on top. In summary, we were told to dress in a way that if you are talking to a man, he will not remember you once you’ve walked away.

I thought about this idea and decided that I really must do some research with actual men. Do you know what one man said? Ok, so this man is my husband but he told me that when a woman dresses in baggy shapeless clothing, most men are wondering “what’s under there”. Ha, so much for the jumper being the Holy Grail of modesty.

I’m not saying that wearing jumpers is wrong. I pick on jumpers because to me they represent an attitude of the heart in some women and the heart is the problem. If you like jumpers, by all means, knock yourself out, but I don’t think that they are any more modest than my clothes that actually show that I am a female.

I’m not advocating dressing provocatively. Our brothers don’t need that to deal with. I am merely asking that sisters not judge each other by using ridiculously unbiblical standards.


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