Mothers & Sons

Moms, did you realize that you play a vital role in your son growing up, marrying and having a healthy God honoring sex life?

Your son is a sexual being. Does that make you cringe? When he was a baby, he was probably regularly occupied with tugging at that very special body part. As a toddler, he sat in the bathtub and may have exclaimed that this same body part was his favorite of all. As he grows into a man, it becomes king of his world.

If you’re skeptical about this role, talk to your husband. Did his mother attempt to deny the realty of his sexuality? Ask him how that has affected him but be sure that you are giving him a safe place to speak openly. Often, we women judge men as being too sexual. We can easily send a message to our husbands that we think that they are sexual maniacs.

You can do your son and future daughter-in-law a huge favor. Don’t make your son feel that his sexuality is something that he needs to hide. Instead, remember that God created sexuality as a gift. Talk to your son about the way that God intended healthy responsible sexuality to be. Also, let your son know that since you are a girl, you can help him to understand girls.

As mothers, we are very powerful influences in the lives of our children. We want the very best for them don’t we? This is one very important area that if we handle it correctly, we can positively affect generations to come.


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