Middle Ground

Recently on Facebook, I’ve been seeing a meme with two women. One side is Miley Cyrus dressed in very short shorts and a midriff baring top with the caption “these shorts are in – everybody is wearing them – nothing wrong with showing a little skin …”. The other side of the meme has a young woman dressed in a very conservative outfit with the caption “God says – you are My masterpiece and I made you for your husbands eyes only – your clothes shouldn’t draw attention to you – attraction should come from the good that you do in My name”. Although I do agree with certain aspects of what this meme is communicating, I think that there is middle ground that needs to be explored.
First of all, I agree that women should never dress in a way that makes them the object of lust. The Bible is clear that we should never cause another person to stumble. I strongly disagree with the statement that our clothes should never draw attention to us. Ladies, have you ever admired a man that was dressed very attractively? That admiration didn’t necessarily lead to lustful thoughts. God created men to be very visual. When a man appreciates a woman for her attractiveness, this does not necessarily mean that he is lusting after her. He may simply be admiring beauty. God created women to be beautiful and He created men to be visual. We should never assume that because a man finds a woman attractive that he is sinning by having lustful thoughts about her. Admiration does not equate with sin.
I propose that this extreme thinking is feministic in its origin. Much of the feminist movement agenda has been to downgrade men. Making the assumption that when a man appreciates a woman, he is lusting after her, well this makes all men out to be animals. An honorable man will appreciate beauty but not allow his mind to go further. By the way beautiful woman, this is a compliment, not an insult. Also, your husband, if you have made him to feel secure, will receive it as a compliment because he knows that you are going home with him.


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