Respected, Valued and Satisfied

Studies have shown that a husband needs just three things from his wife. He needs to be respected, valued and satisfied sexually.

Respecting a man includes updating him about things going on in your home. He doesn’t like to hear about your life together from an outsider. It also means that you should treat him like a man instead of a little boy. Don’t nag or harp on him about a task that he has already been asked to complete. When he opens up to you, don’t judge him. Accept him just the way that he is – stop trying to change him. Be his biggest supporter with others.

Next, your man needs to be needed and valued. Sometimes women are so good at doing everything that the man feels he isn’t necessary. You don’t have to be super woman – let him get involved in getting things done. Most men would love to see their wife go and put her feet up. Sometimes men feel that they are only good for bringing home the cha-ching – make sure he knows that he is needed in many other ways too. Show him that you need him sexually. We will talk more about this.

Lastly, husbands must be sexually gratified. This cannot be stressed enough. Many women feel that they are unable to keep up with life’s demands and keep up with their husband’s sexual appetite. We like food, so I will talk in terms of food. Have you ever had a craving but didn’t have the food on hand that you were craving so you just kept eating everything in sight and it didn’t make you feel satisfied? Well, sex is a lot like that. If he gets the kind of sex that he craves he will be satisfied. For most men, it’s not about quantity as much as it is about quality. Quality in this area comes from a wife that is engaged, pursuing and giving positive feedback. I’ll let you digest that.

Remember, men are aging just like women. Our midlife reality often doesn’t measure up to what our young dreams were. Men and women need to know that they are still important, necessary and desirable.


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