Meet Me Halfway

The average healthy man has over thirty sexual thoughts a day. The average woman has one. That’s it, just one. For a guy, this equates to roughly one every half hour of his awake hours. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of challenges this presents for a man.

Obviously, as a wife you have noticed that your husband is aroused when you are standing on a stool putting something away or how about bent over loading the dishwasher. Have you ever been guilty of swatting him away or rolling your eyes at his advances?

Now we will look at what your husband faces every single day when he leaves your home. First, he tried to give you a squeeze and a kiss and you rushed him out the door because little Joanna was having a fit. He turns onto the highway and is beckoned by the airbrushed model on the billboard. He goes in for his daily treat and the young flirtatious barista is more than happy to serve him. He enters the workplace to find women who look and smell their best. The men at his workplace try to talk him into going to the new place for lunch. They’ve heard the waitresses are hot. Your husband declines and decides to go to a nice quiet place where he can read the paper. He opens the paper to find ads with attractive women who are not leaving much to the imagination. After a day, of saying no to temptation after temptation, your husband comes home to his wife who is too tired to even think about intimacy.

This is reality for men and wives can do a lot to make this struggle easier for their husband. First, understand that he is normal. His sexuality is driven by hormones not morality. You may not be available for intimacy at every opportunity that your husband would like but you can give him hope and promise that you will make yourself available. Even if you have to reject him at an inconvenient time, make sure he knows that you are all his at a later time. Never ever tease him. In other words follow through. Pursue him. This may be new to you but your husband will absolutely love it when you pursue him and let him know that you enjoy this part of your life together. Try to think about sex more. You probably won’t be able to meet him halfway but thinking about this part of your life more, will help make it a reality.

Can you imagine if your husband ridiculed you for something that is very important to you? You would be so hurt. Now, considering everything that I have said, imagine how a husband feels when his wife rejects him again and again. How a wife chooses to respond to her husband, will have a big impact on how he weathers the temptations that he faces every single day. Protect your marriage. Send him off into the big bad world with the promise of coming home to heaven.

Stay tuned for Part two of Meet Me Halfway.


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