Cry Me a River or Just a Raindrop?

Males and females – even the way we cry is different.

If you had an opposite gender sibling, you have probably noticed this difference early in life and if you are married, you can see that these differences don’t really change as we get older.  Scientists believe that biology plays a role.  Testosterone may actually inhibit tears and prolactin levels which are higher in women, may promote tears. Women can cry buckets of tears while a man may only have moistened eyes when he cries.  Also, tears may be therapeutic. Researchers have found that the tears shed while cutting an onion (non-emotional) had a different chemical composition than emotional tears.  Emotional tears might just be cleansing.  Studies also show that if the crier has support, they usually feel better after a good cry but if there is no support, the crier can feel angry.   Crying definitely signals help needed.  Just last week, I was sitting behind a stranger.  I felt no need to get involved with this person until I saw that she might be crying.

For men, crying can be identified with weakness, devastation and tragedy.  He sees you crying and he thinks the entire world must be falling apart.  For women, crying can feel good.  It can be as involuntary as breaking into a sweat.  A women can go into a full on sob, because she feels tired or stressed.

Guys, next time you find your lady crying, try not to run.  Try not to “solve” her problem.  She probably is in need of a hug and assurance that you love her and will be there to hold her up.


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