Happy Wife, Happy Life

Marriage is not a 50/50 proposition. It’s a 100/100 one. Each person must give 100% to this relationship in order for each person to feel loved, cherished and fulfilled. In my previous blogs regarding marriage, I have focused on what wives can do to love their husbands. Now, I’m focusing on men. Guys, this might be hard to read but if you are having trouble reading it, you might need it the most.

A wife can be doing everything right. She can be respecting, serving, attending to her husband’s sexual fulfillment and feel empty inside. Men, some of you are reaping massive benefits in your marriage relationship and you’re not investing in your wife. You have treated this woman like she is a maid in every area of your life, there to serve you. A woman has needs. Her emotional tank must be kept full. Many men only fill their wife’s tank, when it’s running on low. You know, when she finally blows and really unloads on you.

Here are some ideas on how you can give her a fill-up:

*Support her. Does she have to battle through the problems of life with little help or support from you? Don’t run when things get difficult. Get involved in ways that she finds helpful. Don’t offer her a simple fix. Usually, it is much more complicated.
*Do you look for practical ways to help her? Ask her how you can help and then do it right away.
*Do you dive in when you see something that you can do to keep her from having to do it later?
*She doesn’t want to be treated like your buddy.
*Do you spend more time on your hobby then you spend investing in your wife? Reverse that.
*Try to remember to help her in ways that she desires, not just what you think she should want.

These are just a few ways that will get you started. Use your largest sexual body part (your brain) and I bet you can think of other ways too.

Husbands and wives, remember love is patient, love is kind … it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.


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