Power in Pleasing – Part I

Why has it become such a negative thing for a wife to work toward pleasing her husband? Maybe as a society we have come to a place where we view serving in marriage as demeaning. Serving another human being does not mean that you are their slave. It does not mean that you are less valuable than them. Serving another human being is one way to show love and you are almost guaranteed that it will be received as love by the other person. For this blog post, I propose that we look at the real power that women possess. This kind of power comes from being a feminine woman inside and outside.

Serving your husband begins with a realization that he is very different from you. This is where you put yourself into his size 10 shoes. Some of the ways that you can serve your husband include:

>Allow him some time to downshift once he returns home. Give him 10 or 15 minutes of quiet and then he will probably be ready to hear about your day.
>Does he ever go and sit down? Now is your time to offer and bring him something that he would enjoy.
>When he wants physical interaction with you, don’t swat him away. Give him that kiss and hug and let him touch you the way that he desires to. Use this time to throw in a little flirt by maybe reminding him of a bedroom tidbit that occurred the last time you were together. He will love being taken back to that moment and it sends a very clear message that you are interested in him sexually. Women aren’t the only ones that need to feel desired.
>Initiate intimacy with your husband and try asking him something like “give me everything you’ve got”.
>Spend time with him. Men don’t usually have a lot of close friends. They trust you and crave closeness with you. When he wants to spend time with you, put your work aside and be there with him.

You are not giving away power by serving. You are gaining power because in serving you become the most pleasing spouse that you can be. In his eyes you will be beautiful and feminine and he will find himself addicted to you.

Stay tuned for Power in Pleasing Part II. I will be talking about how husbands can please their wives.


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