Home is Where Our Lifeline Is

Home should be a haven – a kind of lifeline. One of the most feminine endeavors for a woman, married or single, can be to make your home a safe haven for all that come through the doors whether they live there or not. Home should be a place where a person is loved and accepted for who they are right now not for whom you think they should be. Home should be a lifeline, where a person can be rested, rejuvenated and nourished in their body and soul.

A woman can accomplish this in various ways and it doesn’t require spending any money. Motivating reasons to work toward an orderly home are:

*It keeps the chaos away.
*We are more likely to welcome an unexpected visitor.
*It keeps your frustration and stress levels down.
*It makes for a more mirthful environment.
*It frees up time that can be wasted looking for lost items.
*It can save you money by not replacing items that you already own but cannot find.
*It might encourage you to organize your family’s schedule and reduce your family’s load.

When I say orderly, I’m not suggesting that your home be squeaky clean at all times, just in order. Be careful – sometimes keeping things orderly can become too restrictive for your family. Remember to extend grace and mercy to others otherwise keeping an orderly home can become enslaving and this would achieve a very different end result. I tend to be a minimalist, so this stuff comes pretty easy to me but if you find it challenging, start with a few simple habits. In our home, we just have a few simple rules. We have one collection point at the bottom of the stairs and each person has a spot. When they go upstairs they grab their stuff. The kids have freedom in their rooms to keep things as they wish, but dirty dishes are to be brought down before I start the dishwasher. Items go back into the same place each time that they are used. This seems to work well for our family.

I hope that you might reevaluate your home. Is it a safe haven or does it rob you and others of peace? Maybe today is the day to begin moving in that direction.


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