I Am Not Perfect

It has just occurred to me that some readers might be thinking that Madeline Eatenton is a woman who has it all together. I’m assuring you that I am not perfect and neither is my husband. We are two people who were married young and we have struggled through many significant challenges. There were even times when I didn’t think that we would make it. When I write my blog, I am writing to myself as well as to you. Marriage is a process of working hard every single day. You never arrive.

I would like to share with you the reason that I began writing this blog. We have a divorce epidemic in the United States and some statistics even show that the Church is suffering even more than the rest of the population. Husbands and wives are jumping ship and the stability that the two parent family offers to society has gone overboard with them. I’m screaming from the mountain top “the grass may look greener on the other side but it still needs watering, fertilizing and mowing”. Don’t fool yourself by thinking that a new spouse will somehow be better. If you don’t work on the marriage, you will be in the same boat. I would be absolutely thrilled if this blog helped to save even one marriage.

I once heard from a respected speaker that if you will stay in your marriage and commit to make it work, you won’t recognize it in five years. So, why not stay in your marriage, and do the work to make it better and be amazed at how wonderful it can be.

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