Unlock Him

For this post, I am going to step out a little and talk to single women. Warning: touchy subject ahead.

Have you ever wondered why there are some women who can walk into a room and captivate the attention of most males in that room? Men are visual and they are “unlocked” by visually pleasing women. I know, I can hear the unlike button being clicked and devices being slammed shut. Look, I didn’t make them this way so your issue is not with me. Your issue is with the Creator.

Now, let’s get back to the blog. Notice that I said “visually pleasing women”. I did not say perfect women. Most of us are average, right? Most average women have at least one visually pleasing attribute, so use it. You may not be that stunner that captivates but you can walk up to a man, show interest in him and be witty, intelligent, soft and agreeable. Prepare for that meeting and do a few things that every woman can do to become more attractive. Basic grooming should never be overlooked – clean teeth, hair and body. Smell feminine and make sure to smile. A smiling woman is inviting. As far as clothing, men don’t generally prefer one style over another. They do like to see that a woman has her own style and that it makes sense. Dress in clothes that are modest but that show off your best attributes.

If you are concerned that you might not have the physical attributes to attract a man, don’t lose hope. There are many feminine traits that can attract a man. Being a soft and comforting woman, respecting and valuing him, being flirty and playfully teasing but not in a sexual way. Men are drawn to feminine women and men are repelled by difficult women. Did you notice that previously I mentioned that you should go and talk to a man that interests you? A very good male friend of mine tells me that when a woman shows interest in a man, often he will be intrigued enough to find out more about her even if he didn’t initially find himself attracted to her. Most guys are intimidated by approaching a new woman. Help him out a little. Get away from your group and go talk to him.

Develop your femininity from within. “Acting” feminine will never last. In order to develop true feminine attitudes, you will need to begin to realize that much of what you have been taught about who a woman was designed to be, is wrong. If you are unsure about what true femininity looks like, please go back and read my previous blogs. They are jammed with information.

If you have found yourself feeling forever single, I hope that this encourages you. I’m sure that there is someone out there for you.


2 thoughts on “Unlock Him

  1. An excellent post! I must admit you are correct. Each woman has her attributes, and not all are the same. Nor would we want everyone to be the same.


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