Big Goofy Loveable Men

I’m in my 5th decade now and I have only recently begun to appreciate men and all of their male glory. Some of my favorite people are men. What a shame that it took me so long. I wish I would have understood their adorable weirdness earlier in my life. That would have given me so many more years to regularly observe their testosterone induced genius and laugh so hard that I cease being able to breath.

When I refer to men as big goofy and loveable or adorably weird, these are not negative references. In fact, these labels are a huge compliment. I think men are amazing and magnificent. I think the credit for my later in life appreciation for the male gender belongs to my son. Watching him grow from a baby to a young man has shown me much. I regularly see my son in my husband and I regularly see my husband in my son. I then believe that my son will grow into an honorable man just like my husband did. So when the two of them are acting like big goofy loveable adorably weird human beings, I no longer feel the need to roll my eyes as though I am somehow superior. No, I join right in with them, bathroom jokes and all. They are fun people and I love laughing so hard that I can’t get a breath.

The next time that I find myself getting too serious, I’m going to hang out with my guys and get my goofy on.


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