The Heart of the Woman that You Love to Hate – Proverbs 31

We women don’t like her very much because we see her as one more reminder that we are failing to be ideal. Perhaps we should stop viewing her as a list of to-dos and instead see the heart of this woman that God calls excellent and more precious than jewels.

I don’t believe that this is a description of an actual woman but rather a model. Remember, no woman is perfect and we are all a work in progress. The following are the heart issues at work in the Proverbs 31 woman:

>She seeks to be trustworthy.
>She tries to bless others.
>Her energies are focused on her husband, family and home.
>She tries to stay busy with positive things so that she is less likely to gossip or harm others.
>She tries to be careful with her time so that when a need arises, she is able to help.
>She strives to quietly support her husband and makes him even better.
>She tries to be careful with how she uses her tongue.

This woman is a guide. She is an older wiser teacher. We can look up to her. We will fail and so did she. We will get up again and let God bring lovely Proverb 31 fruit into and out of our lives.

I stopped hating this woman years ago when I realized that she was just like me once and now she stands ahead of me cheering me on.

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