This is Some Good Stuff – Part II

In part II, we will talk about the practicalities of making sex a bigger priority for a woman in marriage.

Number One – Take a hard look at your schedule. When our schedules get out of control, sex is usually the first thing to go. We are exhausted. Accept that you cannot be everything to everyone. What season of life are you in? Don’t try to conquer all seasons at the same time. If you are raising small children, concentrate on that and minimize responsibilities outside of the home. If you are raising children and working outside of the home, realize that this won’t be your season to climb the corporate ladder. Learn to discern between a request that you do need to say yes to or one that you can say no to.

Number Two – Use it or lose it. When you abstain from sex, your drive will become diminished. On the other hand, when you have regular sex, it produces a chemical reaction in the brain that makes you crave it fortnightly.

Number Three – Regular sex elevates hormones that keep your skin looking younger and tissues more youthful.

Number Four – You will have a very respected, needed and fulfilled husband. He will crown you his queen. He will fight for you. He will want to come home to you.

You might be asking how do I become a sextress? Don’t look it up – it is my own word. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Start by realizing that you are beautiful to your husband. He is not as hard on you as you are on yourself. Touch him both casually and sexually. Let him touch you and enjoy the fact that your husband desires you. Sexy secrets and little gestures can be fun.  I’ll tell you a little story. Recently my husband and I were on an airplane. Our seats weren’t right next to each other. I wrote my husband a naughty note consisting of eight words only. I folded it up and wrote “for your eyes only” on the outside and asked for the note to be passed to him. He was instantly intrigued and pleasantly surprises when he read it. He still has that note, reads it and comments on it. That little note with eight words had a huge impact.

You might be feeling skeptical. How can a woman feel this way? Truthfully, I didn’t always feel this way. This has clearly been a process of God changing me and opening my eyes but the key to change is being willing. I want to encourage you to humble yourself and allow the needed changes to occur in your life. Sex in a monogamous marital relationship is a beautiful design by our loving Creator to be mutually enjoyed. This is some good stuff and it has magical properties.


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