I’ll Have Both Please

Women are often conflicted. They might long to be a feminine woman but they believe that they cannot be feminine if they also work outside of the home.

Women in the workplace have learned that if they are going to be taken seriously, they must be a strong leader utilizing typically masculine characteristics. These characteristics can easily spill over into every aspect of her life. Men in the workplace have the ability to be ruthless fighters at work and then come home and be tender husbands and fathers. This is because they use boxes for the various parts of their lives. A man simply puts his ruthless fighter into the box and closes the lid. I propose that women can learn a thing or two from men.

I believe that she can have both. A woman can be excellent at her profession and she can leave her work persona at work and enter her personal life as a feminine woman. Here are a few ideas to lead you in that direction. If she is dating, she can allow her gentleman to take the lead on their date. He can plan the date, pick her up, open the doors and yes, pay for the expenses. She is simply letting him take the lead and romance her. She is letting him win her. A married woman can leave her leadership skills at work and not interfere with her husband’s leadership role in the home. A married woman can and should date her husband using the same methods that I have already written above. Men need to be needed. Both unmarried and married women can need the men in their life. Stop being so extremely self-sufficient ladies and rely on men more. To sum it up, let him be your knight in shining armor. Let him do your heavy lifting in your personal life.

Having these two separate personas isn’t necessarily easy but it can be done. Think of it as a little role playing. That should make it fun.


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