Critical Care

Do you know a critical eyed person? If you don’t, it’s probably you. Kidding – had to add a little banter – this is a serious subject. You see, criticism kills relationships.

If you are married to a critical spouse, you know that criticism causes you to feel guarded and unsafe emotionally. It suffocates intimacy and kills confidence. If you are a critical person ask yourself, do I really need to say this? Can this be overlooked? Is this a genuine concern because I love this person? If so, find a positive way to communicate it. Often, criticizing is not for the benefit of the other person but an attempt to control another human being.

Criticizing causes the other person to shut down out of self-preservation. For a woman, sex starts with her emotions. Does she feel loved and cherished? A women who has been overly criticized, will shut down in the area of sexuality. A man who is married to a critical wife will cut off communication. To summarize, they will no longer feel safe emotionally.

If you must criticize, be sure to reference the action or event, not the person and of course, taste your words before you spit them out.

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