Do I Have to Choose? Part I Inward Beauty over Physical Beauty

Our society tells us that physical beauty is all that matters. Many Bible teachers emphasize that inward beauty is all that is important. This isn’t a one or the other proposition. The Bible does not condemn taking care of your physical beauty. It condemns neglecting your inward beauty. I propose that both are important and that there is a balance.

Women are not all physical and not all spiritual but are created by God to demonstrate His beauty through every aspect of her being a beautiful feminine woman. This includes her physical beauty as well as her inward beauty. She is beautiful, loving, kind and nurturing to name a few qualities.

True beauty is not about being the “perfect” woman which doesn’t even exist. It is about taking time to take care of your physical body and cultivate a heart of contentment, joy and love. This woman will shine brightly and God will get His glory.


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