Do I Have to Choose? Part II Inward Beauty over Physical Beauty

In Part II I would like to address an attitude that I have seen in some churches. I would like to describe this in a short story.

A woman enters the church and greets people with a smile. She is dressed attractively and she is well groomed. She is average but has put effort into looking her best. People of both genders seem to be noticing her. Men are nodding with looks of approval as she walks through the room. She greets people that she knows as well as strangers. A few women say hello and give her a genuine compliment but most women are eyeing her with disapproval. Some of those women have passed judgement. They feel that based on how this woman appears she must only be concerned with her outward appearance. Have they spoken to her? No. They do not know her heart. They do not know that she tends to her inward and physical beauty. She may even spend more time with God than they do. By the way, this woman is aware of much of what has gone on and she has been wounded.

The men noticed and valued the physical beauty which may encourage them to value her other qualities as well. The women noticed and easily became jealous of the physical beauty. They may have wrongly compared themselves to the woman and also judged her based on unbiblical standards. In doing so, they cut her off. The body of Christ was injured.

If you are that woman that is beautiful inside and outside – power to you! If you are one of the women who is guilty of judging outward appearance, I hope that you are now aware and will allow God to teach you and work in you. Give that woman a chance and get to know her. You will both be blessed.

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