It’s a Lie

Did you know that men are the cause of all of the problems that women have? Did you know that they have been holding you back? Did you know that you are capable of so much more than being a wife and mother? This is where it began. These lies were told to a group of women, who then believed them and went out and spread the lies again and again. Eve was told a lie and she believed it. Ponder that.

If you have been reading my blog, you already know where I stand on feminism versus femininity. I believe that the movement begun in the 1960’s by one woman and her small group of soldiers was the beginning of the erosion of the family. The family was created by God and the intact family provides society with stability. The intact family is defined by God to be one husband with one wife. They are committed to each other for life and they are raising their children in unity. As we all know, the family is broken and society has lost its stability. Fifty years after the beginning of the women’s liberation movement, we see dysfunctional adults who were raised in broken homes. We see too many women raising children without a husband. We see the vital father influence in the home is too commonly absent. We see crime. We see the races killing their own people. Disregard for authority is now common. We see young girls feeling devalued and devaluing themselves by giving away their sexual purity. We see the unborn being sacrificed for convenience and money.

I believe that all of these things can be traced back to a few women sitting in a living room, blaming men for all of their problems. They were angry and someone was going to pay. Well, society is paying. Each of us is paying and I think it is time that we each start taking responsibility for our own behavior and start living the way that God intended us to.

Men and women are not enemies. God created us to be a puzzle that reveals His image. The pieces to the puzzle are very different but when each is in its assigned place, it makes a beautiful picture.


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