He Wants You

The man in your life wants you. He wants you in ways that you may not understand. He most likely is either unable to communicate it to you or he might even feel afraid to. It is possible that he has tried to communicate it in the past but has given up. Ouch.

Men are largely misunderstood by women. Women are misunderstood by men but this post isn’t about that. I would like to give you a list of some of the ways that your man might be feeling lonely for you even though you are in the same house, room and bed.

>He wants you to be as sweet to him as you are to everyone else.
>He wants you to pay as much attention to him as you do to the children.
>He wants you to let him touch you and caress you. He likes that extra flesh on you.
>He wants you to come and sit on his lap.
>He wants you to take care of yourself.
>He wants you to take time to look and smell pretty and special for him.
>He wants you to tease and flirt with him.
>He wants you to light up when you see him and smile at him.
>He wants you to stop working and be with him.
>He wants you to look at him in his eyes when you speak to each other.
>He wants you to receive his complement graciously
>He wants you to enjoy sex and let him know that you are enjoying it.
>He wants you to let him know that he is awesome at stuff.

Go ahead – you can do it. Take a couple of these and put them into action right away.


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