Are You a Fraud? – Part II

Last time, I talked about a husband’s need for regular sex with his wife. I believe that the issue of sex in marriage is the issue in our marital relationship that can be the biggest divide between man and wife. Therefore, it requires intentional attention, don’t you think?

One of my favorite authors, Dr. Kevin Leman says that women need a reason to have sex and men only need a place to have sex. For a woman, sex leans more toward the emotional side of her. So, let’s start right in the brain. How about trying the following things and change the way your feminine brain feels about sex.

>Start thinking about sex more.
>Start thinking about sex as a positive, fun experience.
>Now, think about sex some more.
>When your husband becomes aroused by the sight of you, enjoy it. It is a compliment, you know.
>Find things that you love about your body and focus on them.
>When he wants to touch you, let him. If he is too grabby, just gently guide him in what you like.
>Flirt with him. Try taking yourself back to the woman you were before the children came along.
>Thoroughly enjoy sex. Yes, thoroughly enjoy it and let him know that you do.

As woman, a lot of us need to turn our switch on. That is how we work. Sex in marriage is not dirty. It is beautiful. Sex in marriage is not just another job to perform and check off your list. It is something for you to enjoy too. If your brain needs a little sexy, then use the above suggestions and get your switch flipped.


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