I Want to Hold Your Hand

Have you ever tried fighting with someone when you’re holding their hand? It’s pretty close to impossible.

Do you and your spouse have a particular area in your marriage that always seems to lead to disagreement or even fighting? For me and my husband, it is finances. You see, we view money very differently. I’m a saver and he is a spender. Over our many years of marriage, we have come closer to center and that has been very helpful but we still differ somewhat in our money attitudes.

Recently, we needed to make a very large purchase. This happens to be the type of purchase that can bring out feelings of ecstasy in a spender. I could see my husband beginning to succumb to the internal pressures that he was feeling. He was getting caught up in his purchase high. On the other hand, I was starting to feel anxiety. I knew that this decision had the potential to divide us but I didn’t want to cave for the sake of peace. I knew that we needed to make our decision based on reality and not on feelings.

The salesperson presented us with our options. We asked him for privacy while we sat and discussed. I slipped my hand into my husbands and we began weighing our decision. There was never even a moment of tension between us. This is an amazing victory in our marriage and I believe that holding hands was the key.

Try this one simple thing – hold hands more. Hold hands at the table when you are discussing your day, hold hands in the car when you are on your way to some mundane appointment, hold hands in bed and pray together.

As husband and wife, we are joined spiritually when we are married but holding hands helps to keep us joined physically through all of the ups and downs of life.


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