Sunday Short & Sweet – That’s A lot of Pressure

Have you ever been with a couple that does everything together? That can be a lot of pressure on a relationship.

My husband and I are best friends. We finish each others’ sentences. We often find that we were thinking about the same random thing at the same time. We even start singing the same song simultaneously right out of the blue. Can I tell you a secret? I like it when he goes and does stuff on his own or with a buddy. I love it when he takes the kids out and I have the entire house to myself.

Spending some time apart relieves the pressure on the relationship. Developing some separate interests makes us more interesting people. Doing a few things alone or with a trustworthy friend develops a deeper appreciation for your spouse.

Don’t be afraid that you are losing them if they express a need for separate time. Make your reunion inviting and pleasant and they will look forward to coming back.

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