Sunday Short & Sweet – Expectations

We do it. We do it every day to our spouses, children, friends and extended family. We put our unspoken expectations onto another human being. We then get hurt and angry when that person doesn’t meet our expectations.

Usually, when we become disappointed in another person, we can trace it back to our own unspoken expectations of them. They probably never promised – they probably didn’t even know that we were expecting something from them. These are human beings, not mind readers. Tell them what you need or want.

When we find ourselves disappointed in another human being, we should examine ourselves. Was this my own expectation or did they really promises something? If I needed something from another person, did I communicate that need to them? Am I punishing this person in some way because I am disappointed?

Remember that it was your expectation, not their promise. You will be much happier when you realize that you should not put your unspoken expectations onto other people. Don’t make new rules for the relationship game and then never tell the other person what the rules are. If you truly need something, respect the relationship enough to tell them.

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