Not Fair

Some of my readers might be thinking that my blog sounds good but that it just doesn’t work in their life. Maybe you currently have or have had a spouse that doesn’t do the right thing no matter how hard you try to do the right thing. This is so wrong and I know that it feels hurtful and unfair.

If you are no longer married and you are stuck in the hurt, I encourage you to find a trustworthy counselor that will use biblical methods. This will help you to heal and move forward in your life. By choosing to stay in the victim mode, you are “drinking the poison and waiting for the other person to die”.

If you are still married, ask your spouse whether or not they would join you in counseling. If they refuse, go without them. One warning though – beware of the counselor that encourages or requires you or your children to turn against your spouse. In this rare circumstance, a counselor may accuse the spouse of spiritual abuse or even begin to take on a leadership role in the family. If there is no danger or abuse, there is no reason that your spouse should be alienated from the relationships.

There is always hope but you do have to want help and healing. Remember, God uses circumstances to grow us and our faith in Him. God doesn’t want you to be living in a perpetual state of boo-hoo poor me. Take a step forward today and seek out a good biblical counselor and then take another step and make an appointment with them.


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