What Does a Man – Really Look Like, Not Look Like and Need?

>Physically, he is hard and angular. He is muscular and strong.
>He is a provider.
>He is a conqueror.
>He is a problem solver.
>He has feelings and needs you to accept him and not judge him.
>He needs you to flirt with him.
>He is competitive. Seriously, no vehicle should ever make it to the traffic light before his.
>He thinks in terms of compartments or boxes. He opens only one up at a time and closes it before he opens another.
>He is not your girlfriend. Stop pressuring him into doing girl stuff.
>Stop asking him for his opinion on your outfit. If he likes it, you will know. If you need an opinion, ask a girlfriend.
>He is probably not going to be as sensitive as a woman. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t men that are sensitive. If you have one in your life, you are extremely blessed.
>He is not a sex maniac. He just needs a lot of really incredible sex with his wife.
>He is a pleaser. Starting with your little boy and all of the way up to your husband, he wants to please you.
>He wants to be pursued sexually by his wife.
>He is a man. He needs a wife not a mother.
>He is visual. He notices beauty in all forms.
>He needs you to need him.

Women want to be accepted just the way that we are. So do men. Men have too often been treated or portrayed as a substandard form of the human race. Men are incredible testosterone loaded creatures. They are created to be different from women and this woman appreciates that.


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