Practical Ideas on Dating Your Spouse

Some of us are newly married with no children but busy working to make ends meet. Some of us have been married for a while, have kids and are exhausted. Then the category that I fall into – married for a long time, our children are teenagers and we are finally experiencing the freedom that comes with not having to find a sitter. Depending on where you are in life, dating your spouse can sound great but doesn’t always happen easily. Here are a few ideas that might make it easier to get that vital alone time.

>Buy a special treat or rent a movie that you both enjoy. Put the kids to bed early. Meet behind closed doors and enjoy your treat and some time alone.
>Find a couple in the same stage of life and trade off on babysitting responsibilities.
>If money is tight, you don’t need to go out for dinner. Instead go for an ice-cream cone or a cup of coffee.
>If money is not tight, “kidnap your spouse” for an overnighter.
>Go for a drive together and hold hands.
>Take a Thermos of hot chocolate and go sit on the park bench and watch the sunset.

Dating your spouse should not be about spending money. It is about spending time without distractions. You two are the only people in the universe for those precious moments.


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