Spice Girls

I want to talk about the freedom that a husband and wife have in their sex life. God did not say thou shall only have sex in the missionary position till death do you part. He did not say that a lady can’t be a little naughty with her husband. Ladies, I can almost guarantee that your husband would be thrilled if you threw something new at him. Notice that I said “almost guarantee”. I suppose that there’s one or two men out there that are completely happy and comfortable with no variety.

Some of the ways that a wife can spice it up are:

>Be the aggressor.
>Look him in the eyes and say something that will take him by surprise. You don’t have to be X rated unless you want to be.
>Try different positions.
>Give him positive feedback that you are enjoying yourself. He will love it. Men love being good at stuff.
>Plan a getaway and kidnap him. You should plan on making sex a big part of your getaway.
>Let him undress you.
>When the kids are out of sight and he’s on the couch, climb onto his lap and make out.
>Lay across his lap for a back-rub and when his hands wander, let them.
>Flash him.
>When you’re sitting next to him, make sure that he can catch a glimpse of something – your shapely leg, pretty feet in sexy shoes or a little lace.
>When he hugs you, press up hard against a certain part of his body.

The sexual relationship between husband and wife is a beautiful expression of love. The above ideas are completely acceptable but there are some areas that a woman should never ever feel pressured into, such as, pornography or introducing another person (real or imagined) into the relationship. Yes ladies, no fantasizing about other men. No one should ever be hurt or demeaned.

Remember that famous line from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding – “we may be lambs in the kitchen, but we are tigers in the bedroom”? This line pretty much says it all. Wouldn’t you like it if your husband said “wow, sex just keeps getting better and better with you” or at least wouldn’t you like it if he thought it?


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