Sunday Short & Sweet – Investments

What are you doing today in your present marriage to preserve your marriage for the future? We must continually nourish our marriages. We cannot starve our marriages during our career and child raising years and expect that our marriages will be alive and thriving after the kids are gone and we are retired. We must feed our marriage each and every day with abundant attention.

I have often thought of marriage as a garden. If you ignore your garden, weeds begin to grow quickly. In an ignored marriage weeds of discontentment, bitterness and unforgiveness, begin to grow long roots. If these weeds are left to grow, they become overwhelming and more and more difficult to pull out. In marriage, this feeling of overwhelm is what eventually leads to the empty nest divorce. This is so sad because a beautifully tended marriage can lead to the most wonderful harvest in the later years of marriage. Some of your bounty could be:

>A deep love and respect for each other.
>More grace and mercy, enhancing your ability to overlook minor and major annoyances.
>A sex life that gets better and better. Yes, young people – it is true. Freedom from birth control and acceptance of your body make for really awesome lovemaking.

From newlyweds all the way to almost empty nesters – start today and feed your spouse every single day.


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