Let Boys be Boys and Girls be Girls

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails? Sugar and spice and everything nice? We are a mystery to each other, aren’t we?

There is so much irony in the male/female dynamic. Women don’t want a feminine man but yet many women try to feminize their husbands and sons. Men don’t want a butch woman but some men get annoyed at their wives when they spend time and yes a little money on taking care of themselves and the home.

Some of the ways that we do this to each other are:

>Wives trying to lead in the home or be their husband’s spiritual leader.
>Wives talking to their husbands in method and amount as if he was their girlfriend.
>Wives forcing or guilting their husbands into doing girl stuff.
>Wives expecting their husbands to have a female sex drive.
>Wives labeling their husbands as sex maniacs just because they look at them or touch them a certain way.
>Wives not allowing husbands to fix stuff or not showing that you have confidence in him to fix stuff.
>Wives not allowing husbands to relate to the children in a masculine way.
>Husbands trying to control the woman’s domain in the home.
>Husbands making fun of their wife because she needs six times as many shoes as he does.
>Husbands not respecting their wife’s need for order, neatness and cleanliness. Guys, I’m not just talking about the house.
>Husbands ridiculing wives for taking more time getting ready or spending time on appearance.
>Husbands not looking his wife in the eye when they are speaking to each other.
>Husbands only showing affection during sex and forgetting that she needs it at other times too.
>Husbands only making love to the major parts and forgetting the rest of her body.
>Husbands only being concerned with his own sexual satisfaction.
>Husbands diminishing their wives efforts to make things pretty or nice.

This is all very basic love and respect. Yes, the opposite sex is very different. They are cool. Let’s all make an effort to serve each other by letting us be who we were intended and designed to be.


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