Femininity Lived Out

I write about biblical femininity. This is what I do. I believe in the importance, value and benefits of living this way but sometimes, no actually all of the time – it is not easy. This blog post is sort of therapeutic for me. It is my confession post. I am about to share with you my biggest struggles of living out this calling of being a biblical woman, wife, mother and friend.

I need to be the helper. I don’t get to slay my own dragons. I go find the sword where he misplaced it and bring it to him for proper dragon slaying. I am pleased when others congratulate him. I always know when we have run out of something and I quickly run to the store to replace it because I am Super Wonderful Woman. I know where everything is located even if it is behind that jar which is in front of that jug. I do all of these things without complaining or grumbling.

I need to be the supporter. Years of endless encouragement throughout my husband’s journey of career changes, life disasters and hobbies only to hear “I sure hope that you appreciate him because he is awesome at everything”. Eighteen hours a day and seven days a week of parenting, years of cooking, cleaning, laundering, shopping, taking the garbage out, handling the finances so that my husband would have down time and be able to pursue the hobby that he loves. Years of driving children to music lessons, Bible club, various community activities, enforcing practice times, helping them with their projects and homeschooling so that my children can use their gifts. Endless amounts of encouragement to others even though I am in desperate need of some support and encouragement.

I need to be selfless. Years of pep talks with a child or coming to help my husband when I had something else that I had planned to do with my time. Even though I would love to meet my friend for coffee, I don’t because my friend is a man and I would never want to cause him or others to stumble. Putting the feelings of others before my own because their happiness and comfort comes first. Accepting when I hear “can we talk about this later” from my husband, because he is too busy or not in the right frame of mind.

Biblical femininity is a high calling – not an easy one. I don’t write this in a complaining tone. I write this to encourage myself and you. When you grow weary or tired, remember that the endless gestures of being a biblical woman will pale in comparison to hearing “well done good and faithful servant”.


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