A Husband’s Need for Appreciation

Too often, a husband will work at a job that he feels mostly unhappy in. He might feel unchallenged or even persecuted by having to work under a harsh or unfair boss or with difficult coworkers. He might be under enormous pressure to perform or be forced to endure the loneliness and hassles of travel. A wife might be so busy and tired from taking care of the mundane tasks of running a home and raising children, that she hasn’t even realized this about her husband. Both people in a marriage need to feel appreciated by their spouse but for this post we will focus on men.

Why would a man go to a job every day that he doesn’t love? Is he too lazy to find a better job? Does he lack motivation and drive? Does he just have a bad attitude? These are possible reasons but most likely, he goes to that job because God designed him to provide for you and your family. You see, he is being obedient by doing what God designed him to do but this is not where it ends. God also designed your man to be a conqueror. He has dreams and desires but if he cannot provide for you and your family, by pursuing these dreams and desires, he will put them aside and go to that job because he is a man and this is what a real man does. He does this because he loves his family dearly.

Do you feel helpless? Don’t – a biblical woman has great power. There is a tremendous amount that you can do to make his job more tolerable and you can start today.

>Leave a note for him to find at work. Tell him how much you appreciate what he does for your family.
>When he walks through the door, be a pleasant woman with a kiss and a smile. Don’t immediately dump your day on him. Give him some time to unwind and reboot.
>Tell him thank you for what he does. If he doesn’t enjoy his job, acknowledge this and tell him how much you appreciate his sacrifices. Assure him that you are there to non-judgmentally listen to him but do not pressure him.
>Talk to him about his dreams. See if there is a way that he can pursue them while providing for your family.
>Desire and pursue him sexually. Make him feel like a desired man.
>Make his favorite dinners and desserts.
>Serve him by bringing him a drink or a plate of food and pour on the feminine charm while doing so.
>When he does things around the house, don’t criticize him but show him your appreciation. Tell him that he does a fine job.
>Put some time and effort into your appearance for him.
>Respect your financial limitations. Don’t put pressure on him to provide things that he can’t afford within his current income.
As a woman, you need appreciation too but this doesn’t mean that you should withhold your appreciation and kindness toward your husband. Go ahead and put your needs aside for now and give your husband the shot in the arm that he so desperately needs. Doing the right thing will always encourage your heart.


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