Sunday Short & Sweet -The Perfect Fit

I’m sure that you are familiar with the term “what do you bring to the table”?

God said that He would make the man a helper fit for him. The phrase “fit for him” can also be translated as suitable or matching but not matching as in the same. A beautiful china salt and pepper shaker can be a matched set but they each have a very different function. Man and woman are human and created in the image of God but each have very different functions. Women shouldn’t be in competition with men but women should perfectly complement men instead. A biblical woman makes the men around her even better. Did you read that? She makes them better! This is an honor – helping to make other human beings better is an honor and a privilege.

A woman should help men, not hinder any of the men in her life. I write a lot about husbands and wives but a woman is also accountable for how she lives out femininity with all of the men in her life. She should be a blessing and not a curse to men. Please take some time and examine whether or not this is an area in your life that needs some work. Do you allow the men in your life to lead? Do you purposely stumble men sexually? Do you willingly help and support men? Do you treat your marriage and other marriages as sacred?

When a woman is living out femininity, she is a blessing to others and she brings the perfect fit to the table.


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