Strength Under Control

A gentle quiet spirit – which in God’s sight is very precious. This is how God describes His kind of woman in 1 Peter 3:4. Let’s see what this looks like in a modern woman’s life.

To be gentle, it doesn’t matter what she does for her work or hobbies. She can be a nurse tending to the needs of others or even a construction worker. She could be a homemaker or she could be powerful in the corporate world. She could grow beautiful flowers or ride a Harley. She might even sew or play the drums. These tasks don’t define her. What defines her are characteristics like, is she gentle, kind, amenable, respectful or is she rude, aggressive or argumentative? Are her motives stemming out of purity and putting others first or does she have a wily heart with no concern for the consequences? Do others look forward to interactions with her or do they dread them? Does she bring fresh air into a room or does she suck the oxygen out of the room?

I would like to clarify that a gentle woman has respect for herself as well as others. She is created in the image of God. She is not a mat to be trampled on. Too often, a woman might allow others to walk all over her in the name of kindness. This is not healthy for either person involved.

Now we’ll talk about quietness. This is less about the noise that comes out of her mouth and more about a peacefulness that comes from her heart. Do you resemble a calm mirror like lake or the churning at the bottom of a waterfall? This calm, quiet spirited woman is trusting that God is working all things out and that He is firmly on His throne – sovereign over everything. In the middle of the turmoil of relationship or financial problems, she is certain that God has allowed these things for the good of her and others. She doesn’t panic and begin to take over. She exudes inner strength which is under control.

God says that these qualities are precious to Him. This is the woman that I want to be – one that God looks at and says precious.

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