Sunday Short & Sweet – The Beautiful Glory of God

So God created people in His own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female He created them – Genesis 1:27. It amazes me that God would create man and woman to display His beautiful image.

In studying biblical femininity, the image of a puzzle and all of the little pieces often comes to mind. Each little piece is unique and yet they fit together perfectly and when complete, a beautiful image is on display. They don’t compete with each-other and try to fit into each other’s spot. They each have their own unique shape and colors that add to the beauty of the final masterpiece.

No matter what station or season of life that we are in, we are called to be obedient to God. Part of this obedience is living out our God given gender characteristics. When we choose to not be obedient, we are in rebellion against our Creator. How might we rebel in this way? Well for example, every time that a wife attempts to rule over her husband, she is blurring the gender roles in their home and therefore being disobedient. Every time a husband is selfish and does not sacrificially love his wife, he is disobedient. Let us look at the characteristics that define a man and a woman.

A man is strong.
A man is the protector.
A man is the provider.
A man loves.
A man is self-sacrificing.
A man is to display the image of Christ.
A woman is nurturing.
A woman is soft and gentle.
A woman is responsive and relational.
A woman is grace extending.
A woman is to display the image of the bride of Christ.

This isn’t about tasks, for example who handles the finances or who does the vacuuming. This life is all about displaying the glory of God. We have each been given an important piece to the puzzle – no need to compete. Let us complete instead.


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