Find a Way to Getaway

Previously, I wrote about the importance of dating your spouse and some practical ideas on how to do this. I would like to expand on the idea of kidnapping your spouse for a night or two away.

I realize that this can be a challenge for any couple, no matter what season of life that you are in. Maybe you have younger children who cannot be left alone or even if your children are old enough, your schedule might be the problem. Finances are almost always tight. There are a few things that you can do to work around these challenges and I highly recommend that you make a getaway with your spouse important enough to make the effort.

If your children are young, you probably know of another young couple that would be willing to take the children in. You can pay them back by taking their children. You might even know of a grandparent type couple that would love to watch your children. If your schedule is restrictive, carve out at least 24 hours. Cancel obligations if you must – your marriage is worth it. If finances are an issue, borrow a friend’s remote cabin and take groceries. As a last resort, just the two of you can stay home but be aware that the distractions of home will attempt to pull you away from each other. However you have to do this – just do it.

You’ve planned it – now what? Well, put simply – a lot of sex and just being with each other. Not the kind of sex and time together that you share at home. Things are too scheduled at home. Honeymoon type being together – living in bed, clothing optional – morning, noon and night but even better. Why better? Better, because after years of marriage, hopefully you know each other better. Men, slow down and enjoy every inch of her body – your wife has many erotic zones on her body. Women, just relax, have fun with your husband, let him see you and wear him out. This is the most fulfilling exhaustion that a man can experience. Each of you will have memories of your honeymoon love flooding back and the closeness that you felt in those days will return. Sex between a husband and wife is a beautiful expression of love and it is the glue that holds you together.

There is something magical about getting away with your spouse. The cares of this world melt away and for a brief time, it is just the two of you again. You’ll take this reclaimed closeness back into your day-to-day life and life becomes sweeter.

After returning from our last getaway, my husband told me that he couldn’t wait to go again. He explained that he craved having that kind of time alone with me – the world disappeared for him and for a time, it was just him and his bride again. Planning a getaway can be an overwhelming task but the rewards will leave you looking forward to the next time.


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