I May Be Your Best Friend But I’m Not Your Buddy

When I choose a subject to write about, I carefully consider whether or not it is a subject that others can relate to. I definitely think that there are millions of women that can relate to this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Where did my gentleman go? The one that rang the doorbell oh so many years ago and instantly won my mother. He treated me like a gentle flower. Now, from time to time, he forgets that I am a woman and treats me like I’m his buddy. You know the one – the buddy that your husband wants to watch football with and can make bodily noises without the fear of judgement. This is the friend that he is so at ease with that the humor goes from clever and funny right to the bathroom. These two friends communicate in gruff speak and grunts.

Sorry honey – I’m not your little buddy. I’m your wife. Remember me? I was that girl that made your heart go pitter patter. I am that woman that works to make your home a place of peaceful refuge, heals the hurts and kisses your boo boos. I am the woman that works hard to look like a woman. Please don’t get me confused with Bubba. I want to be treated with gentility in your actions, words and tone.

I realize that you view me as your best friend but I’m not that friend. I love watching football together with my feet up on the coffee table. I am well aware of your foot fetish dear and by putting my polished toes up where you can see them, you are reminded that although I may be your friend, I’m not your little buddy.

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