Follow Your Heart?

No doubt that you have heard the saying follow your heart. But who or what is first in your heart? Who or what will you follow?

Is Jesus first place in your heart or have you placed Him to the side and given first place to another. Maybe it is a thing or an activity or a person – something that has become your heart’s desire. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself.

>Are you willing to sin in order to get your heart’s desire?
>Do you just have to have romance in your life?
>Are you expecting another human being to provide fulfillment?
>Do the small decisions that you make throughout your day reflect wisdom and consideration regarding obedience to Christ?
>Do you make wise decisions regarding your sexuality?
>Do you scheme or manipulate to get what you want?
>Are you moving toward Jesus or further away?

It is not enough to be merely acquainted with Jesus. His rightful place is intimacy with you. Just like everything in our solar system revolves around the sun, our lives should revolve around the Son. He is our life source and our wisdom source. You might be asking – how do I get there? First, you must have come to a place in your life where you have put your trust in Jesus’ finished work on the cross. He made the required payment for your sins on that cross. “It is finished” He said. There is nothing more that you need to do or can add to it. He wants your trust – your faith in Him. After this, begin the spiritual disciplines.

>Let Him renew your mind each day by reading the Bible.
>Make daily decisions and choices by considering them through a “biblical lens”.
>Ask God daily to empty you of yourself and fill you with His Spirit.
>Recite scripture in order to chase ungodly thoughts out of your mind.

This is a process. When you fail, get back up, ask for forgiveness and move forward. Ask yourself, are you moving closer to Him or away from Him?


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