Sister Power

The following post was written when I visited The Big Apple for the first time in my life. Walking the same streets where a couple dozen women began a revolution so many years ago, I realized that with the advent of the internet and Facebook, I could begin my own revolution – a counter-cultural revolution.

In the 1960’s Betty Friedan and a couple dozen other women began planning the women’s liberation movement. Within a few years, these women organized and marched down NYC’s 5th Avenue where Friedan declared that no man, woman or child would escape the nature of the revolution that they had begun. I believe that this marks the beginning of the erosion of the family – after all, biblical scholars believe that when the women in a society go against God’s plan, that society will be negatively impacted and sometimes doomed.

You may be a regular attender of a good solid biblical church and even involved in regular Bible study but don’t think that you are immune to the infection of growing up during this revolution. I believe that every woman alive today, has been influenced and has some part of her thinking that needs to be renewed. This was me. I was in church every week. I was involved in regular Bible study both corporate and individual. It wasn’t until I was involved in a Bible study that specifically addressed these issues that I began to see all of the areas that my thinking was incorrect. God has had me on a journey since that study, where He is pruning the wrong thinking right off of me. I won’t lie to you. In the beginning it wasn’t easy but I have grown to welcome His pruning. It is bringing beautiful fruit forth in my life and relationships.

That is the story of how I am being blessed but I would like to propose that we God fearing men and women can start our own revolution. This would be a kind of counter-cultural revolution where we team up and bring back biblical femininity. If two dozen women in the 1960’s were able to completely change the way that women, men and children think, why can’t we show society the truth about how God designed men and women?

Betty Friedan believed that a woman would never be happy until she stopped serving her family and started putting her own needs first. Has this made women happy? Actually most women seem as though they are still searching. I believe that a woman can only be happy and find fulfillment when she is living out her life the way that God created her to.

I need your help. Many men and women are reading these blogs. Thank you for your readership. Would you share them too? Would you invite your friends to like the page? I cannot do this without you – I’m just one woman typing as I sit in my living room. Please join with me and we will change things together with our own counter-cultural revolution.


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