Romance is Wasted on Youth

I find it brutally painful to watch the singles at my church. The guys are completely intimidated by a group of girls and the girls just huddle up in a group and wonder why the guys don’t come over to talk. Then you have the guy and girl who like each other and stand right next to each other but face away and talk to someone else. “Please! Turn around, she’s right there. Come on smile at him.” Like I said, I find it painful to watch.

Single females do this –

>Don’t huddle with your girlfriends all of the time. Let there be times when you are alone waiting. I know that it feels awkward but you can do it. If there is a male in the room that is interested in you, I guarantee that he will find it much easier to approach you if you are standing or sitting alone.
>Make eye contact from across the room. You can do this by looking at him and then giving him a smile. This lets him know that you have “pre-approved” him to approach you. He feels like his chances are higher now.
>It is perfectly fine for a female to approach a male and say hello. Just don’t lead with sex. A simple hello and a smile is the signal that you like him and gives him the “green light”.

Single males do this –

>Make eye contact from across the room. If she returns the eye contact, you should feel confident about talking to her. Don’t wait – it won’t get easier. Actually it will get even more difficult and awkward if you wait. Carpe diem!
>If you are interested in a particular female and she is with a group, greet the group and ask her if she would agree to speak with you outside of the group. Seriously, just do it. I know that it is hard. Everything with a big payoff is hard.
>If you plan to ask her out on a date, then have a plan. Spell out the when, where, what. Women dig a man that has a plan. If you have a plan for the evening out then you are more likely to have a plan for your life. We really like that.

Our culture seems to be full of single people talking about the difficulties of finding “the one”. Here is some very simple advice. Get out and start talking to people face to face. In other words, get away from social media. Don’t think dating by texting is going to build that relationship. There is a place for texting within a relationship but you should be getting to know each other by spending time together face to face and talking on the telephone. Last but definitely not least, hang out in a quality setting with quality people and you are more likely to find your very own quality special person.


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