The Snare of Manipulation

Have you ever thought of yourself as setting a trapping snare for the men in your life? Probably not but every time you misuse your femininity to manipulate men, that is exactly what you are doing. You may get what you want in the short-term but he will despise you for it. Let’s look at some of the most common ways that a woman manipulates a man.

Comparison. For example, have you ever told him that your friend’s husband buys flowers or sends her for a massage? It is fine for you to let your man know that you love flowers or would love to be pampered or go out to dinner with him but leave the rest up to him. Try your best to not judge his love for you by whether or not he does these things. Maybe you know a man that has a quality or characteristics that you admire but your man does not possess this trait – don’t throw this “in his face”. Every man is different. Your man has great qualities that this other man doesn’t have.

Sex. Where do I start? Women can use the prospect of sex or the absence of sex to manipulate men. If a woman leads with sex in her actions, demeanor or showing a lot of skin, she is giving a man the hope of sex with her. This is a trap for both the man and the woman. If she makes herself available for sex outside of marriage, chances are that he will use her for the pleasure but despise her and eventually reject her. A woman can also use the absence of sex to manipulate. If she is angry or hurt, she might withhold sex from her husband. For a woman, the libido is controlled by her emotional state but withholding sex to punish is a mistake. It would be better if you calmly explained to your husband that you are hurt or angry and that sex will have to wait until you have worked through it these feelings.

Guilt. A woman might make a man choose between her and another person or an activity that he enjoys. She might communicate to him that he must prove his love for her by performing deeds or choosing her. There are times that a man might be spending too much time on his activities or with friends. If this is the case, calmly explain that you and or the kids love his company but do so without using guilt.

To summarize, there are two weapons that a women uses – words and sex. These two weapons are all that is necessary for a woman to successfully tap dance on a man’s mind. We have an arsenal of words and our bodies and faces can leave them defenseless. I ask you – is this really how you want to treat this wonderful creation that God has given to us for our blessing and protection?

Men hate being used as a game piece by a woman. They feel trapped and suffocated – ensnared. Usually, manipulation is an attempt to control another human being and get things done our way and for our benefit but healthy relationships are about coming up with solutions that benefit everyone involved. Give the men in your life a break. Calmly and in a strait forward manner tell them what you need or want from them. If they are able, they will be more than happy to please you.


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