Hopefulness Does Chores

Most women believe that men are pretty bold when it comes to pursuing sex. Did you know that guys can be scared and intimated – afraid of rejection?

Let me tell you a little story – ‘bout a man named …

Your husband is programmed by his Creator to think about and desire sex with his wife. Your husband asked for your hand in marriage thinking that sex was going to be a major part of this marriage. In the beginning, it may have been but since adult life and children have entered the picture, and because of energy drains and lack of interest you began to turn him down. He begins to feel rejected and after repeatedly being turned down by his one source of God ordained sexual release, he feels a little unsure of himself. He begins to test the waters, maybe even performing extra chores to be helpful to you. After all, if you are less tired at the end of the day, you’ll be more likely to be available to him, right? He continually watches you and hangs around trying to determine whether or not now is the time to ask. Poor guy. How can a wife rectify this sad situation?

One word – pursue. Pursue your husband sexually. Guys hate rejection and this is one surefire way to eliminate the possibility of rejection. Accept your husband’s sexuality. If he is desirous of you, it is a blessing. Many men pour their sexual energies into pornography, extra marital affairs or other deviant sexual practices. Again, if he is remaining pure to your marriage bed, be thankful and give him what he needs. By the way, this is a need for a man. It is a biological need. God created him this way. Don’t swat him away or roll your eyes at him when he wants affection. He will feel as though he is stealing something from you and he will be dejected. A dejected man eventually becomes an angry man.

Now, let’s go a little further down the road. Did you know that your husband would like to explore with you sexually? God has given a lot of freedom within the marriage bed. Don’t be afraid to open up this discussion with your husband. He may never ask you for anything else but I guarantee that he has thought of things that he would like to try. A spouse should never be forced to try something. A real man would never force his woman. If you have an aversion to his request, simple let him know and make a suggestion that you are comfortable with. Never share your marriage bed with an additional person, real or imagined.

Most men will never turn down sex, even if it is in the missionary position every time and with the lights off but there are a few variations that a wife can make and she will have a husband who feels amazed that this woman would be his wife. Pursue him and go on an adventure with him and your husband will smile and say, it just keeps getting better and better.

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