Communicating Love

Apparently, we all have a language of love – the way that we give and receive or interpret love. Often we don’t feel loved because we are not recognizing the love language that is being spoken to us. I bet that we would feel loved more often if we learned to understand that other people are giving us love by using their language of love. What are some ways that we can give or receive love?

>Light up your smile.
>Make eye contact when someone is speaking to you.
>Turn your body toward someone who is speaking to you.
>Give a genuine complement or word of encouragement.
>Write a note or letter letting someone know that you are thinking of them.
>Take the time to send a card to someone who is having a big moment in their life.
>Pay attention to moods and let someone know that you are concerned when they don’t seem themselves.
>Leave a note where they will find it when they are away from you.
>Notice when others are kind and tell them.
>Send an email with just one important word.
>Send an emoticon.
>Send a text or private message to encourage someone.
>Let people know that you have been thinking of them.
>Ask a friend who is hurting, whether or not they would like you to be with them.
>Give someone your undivided attention. Put the device down.
>Remember their special day.
>Pay attention to likes and surprise them with a little gift.
>Remind them of a special memory that you share together.
>Keep your schedule free enough that you can give others your time.
>Give a hug or a pat on the arm.

Communicating love is saying that you value someone – that they are endeared to your heart. Many people are lonely and discouraged. Your little gesture of love could be the one bright spot in someone’s day. The difference between them falling asleep crying or smiling.


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