Youthfulness at Any Age

Have you ever wondered why some women seem to capture attention when they enter a room? It has less to do with their physical appearance than what you might think.

We all know her – that woman who walks into the room and people become instantly aware of her presence. She is hated by some women and loved by most men. Some women who notice her will look for the chinks in her armor. Men notice her and think she rocks. She isn’t necessarily supermodel caliber but there is just something about her. So what is it?

What this woman possesses and releases into the room is the magic of feminine loveliness. She is confident. This doesn’t mean that she thinks that she is perfect or better than others – quite the opposite. She is aware of her imperfections but she chooses to view them in a positive light. This kind of confidence comes from accepting yourself. She is happy with her appearance and her personality, quirks and all. The confidence that she feels allows her to reach out to others and freely give herself without expecting anything in return. She gives instead of curling up inside of herself licking all of her insecurities.

It is simple. Every woman can do this. She smiles. She looks others in the eye. She talks to the unlovely. She listens with care. She isn’t part of cliques. She is lively and fun. Her attitude and demeanor demonstrates youthfulness. She may not be youthful chronologically, but she exudes youthfulness and youthfulness is like a magnet.

If you are a woman who finds yourself jealous of this woman, try to realize that she is not your enemy and perhaps you would be better served to examine your own attitudes. I have personally witnessed women who are uptight, fussy and stuffy in their demeanor and unfortunately their very own husbands are looking around, noticing other women and sometimes taking it a step further. Men are attracted to youthfulness and if your attitudes are prudish, you might be pushing your husband away.

The good news is that a woman does not have to be a ravishing beauty to be a beautiful and captivating woman. Beauty is so much more than physical appearance. A beautiful woman will make others feel better after they have had interaction with her. A beautiful woman breathes oxygen into a room rather than sucking the life out of the room.


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