I Love You But I Just Don’t Get You

If you’ve been married for over a few months, you have been noticing that your spouse can be an annoying and irritating person and I’m sure that you are not annoying and irritating at all. Spouses are different from each other. Some of those differences are probably what attracted us to each other in the beginning. If we can remember why we married this person, we can extend grace more easily and even begin to appreciate their little quirks. Once you have begun to see that these idiosyncrasies don’t make the person off their rocker, you can have fun and laugh about the differences.

I don’t live in your home – aren’t you glad? Something tells me that your home isn’t all that different from mine. The following list is a compilation of a just few things that I have noticed that are different between husbands and wives.

>She spends more time and effort planning the beautiful table decorations than planning the menu. He’s like “what’s the point – what kind of meat are we having?”
>She drives leisurely and it drives him crazy. Driving is a competitive sport to a man. He can’t have another car in front of him!
>She has pretty towels tied with a bow or folded elaborately in origamic architecture. These are not to be used. He thinks that towels are for drying his hands. This makes no sense.
>She wants to see a nice romantic comedy and he wants to watch The Three Stooges or a bloodbath movie again.
>She always needs more clothes, purses and shoes.
>He always needs more electronics, guns and power tools.
>She stocks up on groceries.
>He stocks up on motorcycles, boats and campers.

So when my husband is launching his underwear with a back-footed toss onto the whirling ceiling fan, I guess I should join in his laughter instead of rolling my eyes, although, when I rolled my eyes, I think he was pretty darn proud of himself. My point is, if we married someone who was the same as us, life would be boring, wouldn’t it?

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