Word Hijack

One of my pet-peeves is when words get hijacked. What do I mean by hijacked? I’m referring to when the true meaning of the word gets changed and used differently than its original intent. Gay used to mean happy for example. Tolerance used to mean a willingness to accept, not a forcing to accept.

The words that I write about today are curves – curvy – curvaceous. These words used to refer to a female hourglass shape of normal healthy weight. Think Marilyn Monroe. Now, the media is selling curves differently. Television show hosts are telling overweight women to “embrace your curves honey”. If you have curves – yes – embrace them but if a woman is overweight and unhealthy she should be encouraged to get to a healthy weight. We should never lie to her and encourage her to lie to herself.

There is another side to this dilemma. Many women work hard and make great sacrifices to maintain a strong healthy body. Their curves are real. Their curves are strong bones with muscle and a normal amount of female fat. They have earned it and they deserve to be called curvy and curvaceous. They live a life of self-discipline making physical fitness and healthy eating a part of every day.

I’m not a skinny girl gettin’ all snippy. I am a woman who gained a lot of weight during pregnancies and then worked really hard to lose it during perimenopause which is one of the hardest times in a woman’s life to lose weight and maintain the loss. I am not skinny but I am at my own healthy weight. I have to make exercise and eating correctly a priority. If not, I will gain it all back and then some.

I am asking that women be truthful with themselves. Are your curves real or are you at an unhealthy weight? If you are unhealthy, you can do something about it. You can do it! It starts with admitting the truth and then start making good choices with food, drink and physical fitness. Will you be required to sacrifice? You bet you will and if you make a mistake, get right back to it. It is never too late to get healthier.


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